Formed in 2007, Xaviant is a self-funded studio comprised of passionate and skilled developers dedicated to one mission - creating AAA games that you can “feel”, not just play.

Backed by a handful of renowned technology partners such as Crytek, Autodesk and AudioKinetic, we have all of the experience and all of the technological support to make our mission a reality. Our road is risky, but that just fuels our passion. We have no safety net - we have only the strength of our ideas, our desire to succeed, and the unfettered creativity of those not bound by unspoken agendas. We urge you to come with us on our creative journey, and lose yourself in the games we create.

Veteran Staff

We have an extensive resume - From fast paced battlefields to out-of-this-world role-playing, the Xaviant team is one of seasoned veterans. Each of our employees has helped ship more than 5 game titles on average.

Challenge Accepted

Out-of-the-box solutions require creativity without consequence. Xaviant cultivates an atmosphere that allows and accepts failure as an essential step in creating unique and undiscovered gameplay experiences.